Small Steps Adventures regularly arrange great wildlife events. Bhigwan bird watching tour was on my list since longtime. I was just waiting for the right time.

Mostly winter is the best the season to visit this mini Bharatpur of India. After february, you can even see flamingos in thousands.

Bhigwan is small dusty town 100 kms away from Pune. Still I was able to see hustle bustle of many photographers. There were few foreigners who joined us on our boat ride of 2 hrs. It was great ride to share with Allan & Leo. Both were great photographers and I took a sigh when they told me that India is really progressing in all sense. As a wildlife photographer, both of them mostly enjoy Indian wildlife and shared great stories with us. There is a huge list of birds that I took from locals. Thanks to SSA for arranging Bhigwan bird watching tour. Almost 260 birds one can spot here.

Followaing is the list of birds that one can see according to locals:

● Little Grebe

● Little Cormorant

● Little Egret

● Eastern cattle Egret

● Intermediate Egret

● Grey Heron

● Purple Heron

● Glossy ibis

● Black headed Ibis

● Red shank

● Wood Sandpiper

● Ruff

● Green Shank

● Mars Sandpiper

● Black tailed Godwit

● Norden Showler

● Indian Cormonent

● Common teal

● Pond heron

● Painted stork

● Asian openbill

● Eurasian Spoonbill

● Bar headed Goose

● Ruddy Shelduck

● Eurasian Coot (Vaarkari)

● Purple Swamphen

● Red Wattled Lapwing

● Black winged Stilt

● Little Stint

● Brown Headed Gull

● River Tern

● Whisker tern

● Green bee eater

● White Breasted Kingfisher

● Common Hoopoe

● Yellow Wagtail

● Long Tailed Shrike

● Rosy Starling

● Common Myna

● House Crow

Click here to see my collection from Bhigwan birding tour that my camera captured.